Customer Feedback

The greatest benefit from InspectionNotes is taking the gray area out of whether damage was caused by the current renter, therefore preventing ill feelings from the customer. If it's in the shot on the return and not on the way out, how can you argue with that? Just in previously lost revenue from tires and remotes alone, we save at least $1000 per month. Wish we had InspectionNotes years ago!
Bob Dykes - Director of Sales, Galpin Studio Rentals

InspectionNotes is a very important tool for us. We take pictures of the cars at the moment of delivery and at the point of return to catch any damages. We are also able to create an inspection note (with the pictures included) that is sent to our customer´s email so they can have all the information as well. The process of delivery and return is faster; we charge more for damages and complaints decreased. InspectionNotes is an amazing tool, it is very easy to handle and simplifies all the processes that have to do with cars delivery and return.
Hector Romero - National Fleet Manager, Hertz Avasa